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piston compressor BZC248 Benza, de 8 bar pressure y direct transmission. It has been designed with the idea of being easy to transport, therefore, it incorporates a ergonomic handle and robust wheels. 

It has a 1500W power, operates with a flow rate of 206 l/m and a 2850rpm speed. In addition, it is equipped with a tank of 24 liters and a 2 pole motor.

Perfect for small jobs.


  • El piston compressor BZC248 de Benza is the perfect machine for smaller jobs. With this model you can carry out painting, carpentry, upholstery and even blowing. And all of them with efficient and high-quality results.

    This model has been designed with the aim of facilitating each of the jobs carried out and therefore, for greater comfort, it has a very ergonomic carrying handle and robust wheels. Moving it from one side to another has never been so quick and easy.

    The BZC248 operates with a 8 bar pressure y has direct transmission. It is equipped with a electric motor of 2 CV, 2 poles and that works with a speed of 2850 rpm. 

    Con oversized oil panor, 24-liter air tank, pressure regulator with manometer, safety valve against overpressure and start by pressure switch. And the features of the BZC248 do not end here, others just as important are:

    • Thermal protection de automatic reset for greater robustness.
    • Ventilation system of high quality for a longer useful life of the machine.
    • pressure switch with automatic ignition
    • Pressure gauge mounted on the air tank
    • Weight: 26 kg
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