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Petrol XP-Power 4T - 5L/25L

XP-Power gasoline for 4T machines. Reduce the time lost in preparations, the useful life of the product is increased by 5 years , reduces the carbon footprint and the work environment is healthier. Formula verified by Husqvarna. *Subject to special delivery, collection by the customer at points authorized

Petrol XP-Power 4T - 5L/25L

  • La nueva gasolina XP-Power de Husqvarna está especialmente pensada para máquinas equipadas con motores de_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_4T. It is an alkylate fuel and its use provides clean and efficient combustion.

    XP-Power provides the following benefits:

    – Healthier work environment and reduced carbon footprint.

    – Increases productivity and safety during the workday thanks to the fact that it does not use harmful gases.

    – As it is already pre-mixed with the oil, the time lost in the preparation of the machine is reduced.

    – Increases the useful life of the product.

    – The engine starts first time.

    – It keeps up to 5 years if stored correctly.

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