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Benza single-phase generator with a simple reinforced steel structure, very easy to handle. BZ 8500 runs on gasoline, produces low noise levels and has reduced consumption.

Equipped with Rato R 500 engine with a max. of 8.5 kVa and an autonomy (50%) of 9 h. In addition, it comes standard with 2 wheels and handles. 

Available with manual start (BZ 8500) or electric start (BZS 8500).

BZ 8500 is the new Benza generator developed for a wide variety of jobs. This new model is characterized by having a simple reinforced steel structure that improves the durability and robustness of the machine, thus extending its useful life. In addition, BZ 8500 stands out for its two wheels and its handles included as standard, accessories that undoubtedly favor transport in the workplace. 

It is a high-performance generator, easy to use and reduced consumption. 

BZ 8500 is single-phase and runs on gasoline. It is equipped with a Rato R 500 motor with a maximum power of 8.5 kVa and manual start. This generator is also available with electric start [BZS 8500]. Its fuel tank is 25 liters.


  • Engine: Mouse R 500

    Gasoline fuel

    Displacement: 500cc

    Rated maximum power: 8.5 kVa

    Operating regime: 3000 rpm

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Rated voltage: 230V

    Acoustic power: 96dB(A)

    Start: Manual // Electric

    Fuel tank: 25 liters

    Autonomy (50%): 9h

    Dimensions (Li—Ani—H): 697í—554í—549 mm

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