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Garden tiller BZT 750R2 designed to facilitate the most complex jobs in the garden. This Benza tiller is equipped with a 7 hp engine, an oil bath filter, two forward gears and one reversemanual start and a 3.6-liter fuel tank. Also, incorporate 6 four-blade cutters

It is the perfect hoe for land up to 500m².


  • This Benza hoe, BZT 750R2, has been designed with the main objective of facilitating and helping in las more complex garden tasks. Thanks to its features and equipment, working in the field has never been so easy.

    This model is equipped with a 7 hp engine (190 cc), a gearbox y a filter with oil bath that protects the motor from external dust, which makes the hoe more durable and resistant. The BZT 750R2 has 3 speeds (2 in front and 1 in back) to favor driving on terrain. 

    Also, this machine is provided with 6 four blade cutters and a reduction gear and chain transmission, which improves work on surfaces up to 500m². And the advantages do not end here, since its handlebar adjusts to the preferences of the operator, su front wheel allows transport on asphalt and its rear spur offers the option of adjusting the working depth. 

    • Las dimensions of the motoazada are (LxWxH): 1380x650x970 mm
    • Weight: 73kg
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