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- Rubber coated aluminum handle to facilitate work even without gloves.
- Oval aluminum makes it possible to optimize the relationship between weight, mechanical resistance and rigidity. The aluminum is internally reinforced in the lock button area.
- Blade support made of polyamide, less weight at the upper end of the telescopic.
- Curved chrome hookless blade with hardened tooth.
- The curved and long shape of the blade guarantees a special grip on the trunk, provides comfort at work and reduces vibrations.
- The teeth of the blade are sharp so that only these touch the wood, which reduces friction between the trunk and the blade. It provides a perfect and regular cut, with less resistance and without damaging the tree.
- Cut by traction, reduces the effort and avoids the twisting of the blade.
- Impulse hardened tooth, increased sharpening life.
- Chromed blades, prevents corrosion and facilitates the cleaning of the sap.
- SK-4 steel, rich in carbon. Increasing blade durability.
- Spare blades are sold.


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