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SAW PS-330

330 mm curved blade saw. It has a plastic handle, covered in rubber that makes the work very comfortable for the hand even without the use of gloves.

The rubber distributes the pressure between all the fingers, and the special design of the handle with its curved shape reduces the effort required for cutting, making it easier to cut hard wood.

SAW PS-330

  • - The teeth of the blade are sharp so that only these touch the wood, which reduces friction between the trunk and the blade. It provides a perfect and regular cut, with less resistance and without damaging the tree.
    - Cut by traction, reduces the effort and avoids the twisting of the blade.
    - Chromed blades, prevents corrosion and facilitates the cleaning of the sap.
    - SK-4 steel, rich in carbon. Increasing blade durability.
    - Spare blades are sold.

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